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Bringing the Shrine Home: Eat, Pray, Love

What happens when people of faith can't come together to mark important events like weddings and funerals?

In this second interfaith webinar, 'Eat, Pray, Love', participants discussed how their communities are adapting to commemorate important events including weddings and funerals in the face of COVID-19. They also explored questions of changing religious authority, the relevance of a communal space in which to pray and questions of gender and faith.

Learn about our speakers:

Revd Devin S McLachlan is the Associate Vicar of Great St Mary's, the University Church, Cambridge, as well as the Bishop’s Advisor on Interfaith Affairs for the Diocese of Ely. He is also the convener of the University of Cambridge Deans & Chaplains.

Mohammed is an awardee of the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship. In 2019-20 he commenced his studies on the MPhil in Middle Eastern Studies (Muslim-Jewish Relations) at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge. Mohammed is also the CEO of MAUR, a Southampton charity which teaches Muslim children a variety of Islamic sciences and religious studies, including Islamic Philosophy, Arabic Language and Quranic melodies.

Alissa Symon joined the Woolf Institute as the executive director's Research Assistant in September 2019, following the successful completion of her MPhil degree in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge. Her ongoing research focuses on the formation of Jewish and Palestinian transnational networks and their influence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She and her husband Rabbi Elazar Symon are Jewish chaplains for University Jewish Chaplaincy (Cambridge and East Anglia).

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