Climate Change and Religion: Politics, Perceptions and Radical Potentials – Part Two

Part two of two seminars co-hosted by The Woolf Institute and The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion; chaired by Dr Tobias Muller.

The window for action to turn things around and avert the worst of the climate breakdown is rapidly shrinking. In the last few months, we have witnessed the largest mobilisation against climate change to date, with 4 million people taking the streets around the globe. Movements like Extinction Rebellion are bringing the urgency of the climate crisis to the hearts of the world’s capitals. Many religious leaders, but also religious grassroots initiatives have pushed for decisive action to avoid the worst impacts of the climate breakdown. Yet, we still seem to be unable to account for the imminent catastrophe climate science is predicting. We seem to be trapped in a “crisis of imagination” with regards to adequate ethical and political frameworks, the magnitude of the required responses and what a just transition could look like.

This webinar was recorded on 26/11/2020.

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