The Woolf Institute's vision is a world in which collaborative discussion and constructive engagement overcome prejudice and intolerance. The Institute combines teaching, scholarship and outreach, focusing on Jews, Christians and Muslims, to encourage tolerance and foster understanding between people of all beliefs.

Established in 1998, and with strong links to the University of Cambridge, the Woolf Institute is recognised internationally for its expertise in researching and understanding relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims. The primary aim of the Woolf Institute is to answer practical and theoretical questions concerning aspects of identity, culture and practice using multidisciplinary approaches with research, teaching and public education staff from a wide range of academic backgrounds.

We strive, in our research and outreach, to demonstrate how greater understanding of commonality and difference can inform and enhance the wider public good.

We have the expertise and flexibility necessary to combine theory, research and practice. Donate Now
The need to improve relations between religion and society seems even more urgent now than ever

In the context of current world events, our mission seems more important now than ever. We continue to be funded mainly by philanthropic donations and are very grateful to all those who make contributions large and small to the Woolf Institute.

Donors contribute directly to the common good through their support of our work to improve tolerance and foster understanding between people of different beliefs.