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It has been a privilege to participate in such an eye-opening and thought-provoking course, which goes beyond theory to on-the-ground dialogic engagement. Rebekah (Bridging the Great Divide: the Jewish-Muslim Encounter 2018)
As a member of a Jewish community in a city that has a much larger Muslim population and someone whose children are in a (Jewish) school with a Muslim majority, I think about conducting dialogue and building bridges all the time. It is for this reason that I enrolled in the course; became a governor at the school; attended the Nisa Nashim conference; and am researching a project on Muslim and Jewish women’s culture. In terms of the last of these, I am starting with shared terrain as a way of bridge building. Karen (Bridging the Great Divide: the Jewish-Muslim Encounter 2018)
I think the first step is to learn about the similarities we share, always with kindness, respect, compassion and humility. Both religions [Judaism and Islam] teach these values but we have forgotten these in the face of conflict, when it is most important to remember them. By learning how similar we truly are, we can step back from the conflict and have a relationship outside of it. I am reminded of my own personal experience with a very dear Israeli friend of mine. When we first met, we would hold opposing viewpoints about the conflict and emotions would quickly escalate anytime some perceived injustice happened with each of us trying to defend 'our own people'. As our friendship progressed and our knowledge of each other's faiths increased, my Jewish friend tells me it is difficult to perceive me as a non-Jew and I jokingly refer to my friend as half a Muslim. Of course, in any relationship conflicts do arise, but they are dealt with mutual understanding and respect, and sometimes we can just agree to disagree. Naz (Bridging the Great Divide: the Jewish-Muslim Encounter 2018)
The course exposed me to a variety of theological, political and social debates in religious studies. Through the readings, virtual interactions and convenor's mediation, I could learn not only more about Abrahamic faiths in general but also developments in contemporary interfaith dialogue. It was a very stimulating experience. Religion is… enabled me to explore new theoretical avenues, which have substantially contributed to the elaboration of my own research. Manoela (Religion is... 2017)
My engagement with the Woolf Institute courses has increased my knowledge on different faiths especially Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Through reading assignments and interactions with other students, I have a different world view on interfaith relations and the need for tolerance. Martin (Religion is... 2017, Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe 2015 & Bridging the Great Divide: the Jewish-Muslim Encounter 2015)
I found both courses to be highly organised, structured and informative. The weekly readings, short lectures and online blog posts are all structured to maximise the learning. Furthermore, they ensure that the participants not only engage, but also remain engaged with the course material from the first week to the last. Unlike previous courses I have completed online, I never felt that I was alone. From the beginning, I had the feeling that I was part of a vibrant and dynamic learning community. Peter (Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges 2017 & Bridging the Great Divide: the Jewish-Muslim Encounter 2017)