Binging Religion: Shtisel

What makes Shtisel so relatable to viewers?

Binging Religion features panelists discussing the representations of religious communities in various series and films and the implications of these for understanding faith and belief.

On Thursday 14 May 2020, Dr Yaron Peleg and Elisheva Malkiel-Rosen discussed the hit series Shtisel.

Dr Yaron Peleg is a Fellow of Jesus College at the University of Cambridge and Kennedy Leigh Reader in Modern Hebrew Studies in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. His main interests are in modern Hebrew literary history, Israeli cinema and Israeli culture more generally, primarily the creation of a native Hebrew culture in Palestine/Eretz Israel at the beginning of the twentieth century and its legacy. He is also co-editor of the Journal of Modern Jewish Studies and associate editor of Prooftexts.

Elisheva is an alumna of the MPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Muslim-Jewish Relations) at the Woolf Institute and the University of Cambridge. Her MPhil dissertation examined religious Judaism and peace activism in Israel today, particularly on the impact Rabbi Menachem Froman had on younger generations of settlers in Israel. Elisheva formerly served as a co-Jewish Chaplain at the University of Cambridge and is now the Strengthening Women in Leadership Director at the Nishmat Center.

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