Bridging the Gap between Muslims and Hospices

On behalf of Hospice UK and Together for Short Lives, the Woolf Institute led the research project: Bridging the Gap between Muslims and Hospices. Through a combination of research and practice, this project sought to provide both a theoretical and practical understanding of where the challenges and opportunities lie in building a strong and vibrant relationship between hospices and Muslims communities.

It has been shown that people with a terminal illness are significantly less likely to receive hospice care if they are from a BME group, including British Muslim communities (Demos, 2013). This is especially relevant given that British Muslim communities are currently the second largest faith group in the country. In our research, we asked:

Through a series of focus groups, interviews and community engagement events, this project built upon the encouraging collaboration which had already taken place in some contexts as well as exploring future challenges.

The report was launched at the Hospice UK conference in November 2015.


2015. Bridging The Gap between Muslims and Hospices