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Since the publication of the Woolf Institute's Diversity in End of Life Care: A Handbook on Caring for Jewish, Christian and Muslim Patients, the landscape of end of life care has changed dramatically with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. To capture the effect this momentous event has had on religious practices surrounding end of life care, the Woolf Institute conducted a series of interviews with healthcare professionals and chaplains involved in end of life care. Their experiences and reflections provide crucial narratives for standalone training session(s) for practitioners on how to deal with the reality of end of life care in the post-COVID world. 

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Diversity in End of Life Care: A Handbook on Caring for Jewish, Christian and Muslim Patients

Diversity-in-End-of-Life-Care-Handbook-front-cover.jpg#asset:5327Written with the support of medical and religious experts, the Handbook will be used as a tool during training sessions and also for continued learning and development on the wards and in public health spaces where it will serve as an active resource for those who seek to understand how to respond to increasingly diverse communities requiring care and support.

'An essential document which I'm sure will be of tremendous value to medical practitioners and others engaged in this field.'

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