Ana Uher

Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges


I am currently a PhD student at the Institute of Geography at Slovak Academy of Sciences where my research focuses on behavioural geographical aspects of the life-paths of inhabitants affected by war conflict on the territory of former Yugoslavia. Some of the goals are to study how the ethnical and religious groups as communities influence social and political context or how they effect their changes.

Before my doctoral research, I completed my Master's degree in Human Geography and after that in evangelical theology, focusing on managing social assistance.

My background, my experience in multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment and my professional interest in this field were the main reason and my motivation to pursue the online course, Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges. I believe that the course will be one of the ways to improve the quality of material processing from my field research which will certainly reflect on the level of my dissertation work as well as on the later scientific and pedagogical work.

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