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Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges


The online course Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges focuses on the relationships between Jews, Christians and Muslims in modern Europe and in European history. It consists of three modules, each lasting for four weeks.


In addition to historical topics, such as interreligious relations in medieval Spain, Enlightenment Britain, and 20th-century Germany, participants will engage with contemporary topics such as the relation of religion, ethnicity and citizenship in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Muhammad cartoons controversy in Denmark; the social reality of Syrian refugees in Sweden; and the discussions about religion and freedom of expression in the wake of Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Students will be encouraged to address challenging questions through case studies and set readings (in sociology, history, anthropology, and theology).

The course is accessed via Hedwig which is hosted by the Cambridge Theological Federation.

Course structure

Each week, you will receive set readings and prepare various assignments online. Woolf Institute tutors will support you and provide feedback throughout the course. Alongside fellow participants, you will be able to discuss ideas on the online discussion forum. Following an online Induction Week, the course is divided into three modules:

Week 1: A Golden Age of Convivencia? (Spain)

Week 2: Early Modern Entanglements (England and the Muslim World)

Week 3: Towards Enlightenment and Modernity (Continental Europe)

Week 4: Slovenia and 'the Muslim Other': The History, the Myth and the Present (Slovenia)

Week 1: Interpreting Symbols from Europe's Past and Present (Spain and Poland)

Week 2: Secularism and the Muhammad Cartoons (Denmark)

Week 3: The 'Other' in European Classical Music (Continental Europe)

Week 4: Contemporary Cultural Trends (Germany and Sweden)

Religion, State and Citizenship
Week 1: Muslims, Perceptions of Islam and Extremism (UK)

Week 2: France, Religion and Freedom of Speech (France)

Week 3: State and Citizenship Contested (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Week 4: Religion in European Public Sphere (UK and Beyond)

Course timetable

Participants will have access to the general course information a few days before the course commences to familiarise themselves with this material.

Induction Week: 2019 TBC

History module: 2019 TBC

Tutors: Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner, Dr Gorazd Andrejč

Culture module: 2019 TBC

Tutor: Dr Gorazd Andrejč

Religion, State and Citizenship module: 2019 TBC

Tutors: Dr Gorazd Andrejč, Dr Julian Hargreaves

Application details

Applications for 2019 will open in mid-May 2019. Register your interest at

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The course fee includes online access to the course, all course materials, tutor feedback and a Woolf Institute Certificate of Completion.

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