We are grateful to our Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, for launching the COVID-19 Chronicles, a groundbreaking and insightful video produced to mark her 70th birthday, on August 15, 2020.

From Japan to Jordan, from the UK to the USA, the world as we once knew it has been entirely changed by COVID-19. Our sense of community is different, our ability to connect with others has been challenged and our ideas of the future do not look as they did just a few months ago. But during this time, we have seen resilience, strength and love from all parts of the planet as people have come together in whichever ways possible to support and care for each other. The COVID-19 Chronicles is a compilation video featuring religious leaders, scholars and researchers from around the globe discussing how they and their communities have been impacted by COVID-19. How have people of faith adapted their historical communal practices? What happens when we take part in funerals from our doorsteps? How, as one interviewee puts it, can we reunite with intention?

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