Keeping Faith in Development

The humanitarian aid charities Christian Aid, World Jewish Relief and Islamic Relief came together for the first time, at a conference hosted by the Woolf Institute.

Case studies were brought by the three charities to illustrate work they had done in countries with those of other religions. Successes were highlighted, such as collaboration between World Jewish Relief and the organization Human Aid Focus, which not only helped Muslim victims of the earthquake in Kashmir but also helped relations between Muslims and Jews.

However difficulties also emerged; should the source of financial help from a different faith group be advertised, especially if this runs the risk of it being rejected? Should faith groups help their 'own' before others? How can conservative factions of religious communities be won over to the vision of this collaborative work?

Daleep Mukarji, Director of Christian Aid, spoke for everyone when he said that: "Global poverty is not a Christian issue, but a human one, and ending it is not simply a Christian obligation, but a universal one."