Timothy Rose

Religion is...


I recently participated in the online course Religion is... from April to June 2020, on the recommendation of the Rector of the church I belong to. I found the variety of topics most interesting: women in religious leadership, religion and politics, religious fundamentalism, religious violence, religion and humanitarian issues (e.g. poverty). I was most interested to read how Judaism and Islam tackle these issues, though, as one of our course tutors, Tara said, we have only scratched the surface here.

I am a practising Christian, and an active member of my local Church of England church as communion assistant, lesson reader, intercessor, Gift Aid administrator and Home Group leader.

I have always studied the Bible actively, and never fail to be impressed by its timelessness

I have a degree in Classics and Litterae Humaniores from Oxford University (1970) and have been retired from full time work for fourteen years.

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