NEW PODCAST: Refugees and Migrants

Ruby Haji Naif

MPhil Scholar


Ruby Haji Naif has been awarded the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship to undertake the MPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Muslim-Jewish Relations) in 2022/23. This MPhil scholarship is provided by the Willie and Jo Kessler Masters Studentship at the Woolf Institute and the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust.

Before studying for her MPhil at Cambridge, Ruby earned her BA in media and communication with double minor in anthropology and political science at American university of Beirut. She also worked as a researcher with several international organisations such as International Federation of Red Cross, Solferino Academy, Translator without Borders and Women Now for Development.

Ruby's research will focus on the feminist agenda that women's organisations - which work on Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian partnerships - articulate their services and advocacy efforts. The research aims to explore how this feminist agenda addresses inequality while promoting solidarity. Her research will combine in-depth interviews and participant observation with a feminist organisation that works on Israeli-Palestinian Partnership. The research will explore their feminist agenda based on the intersection of religion, nationality and gender.

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