Noam Perl Treves

MPhil Scholar


Noam will undertake the MPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Muslim-Jewish Relations) in October 2023, under the supervision of Professor Yaron Peleg. He will be affiliated to Lucy Cavendish College.

Noam's research will span the Arab-Jewish identity of Yemenite immigrants residing in Palestine throughout the 20th century. He is interested in analysing the relations between non-Jewish Palestinians and Yemeni Jews in the pre-1948 period. By studying the history of the Yemenite agricultural settlements and the exchanges they had with neighbouring Arab villages, Noam will question the possibility of a unique Yemeni Arab-Jewish identity. He intends to use several resources for this purpose: written and oral testimonies of Yemenites and non-Jewish Palestinians, Arabic and Hebrew language press, as well as documents from the Central Zionist Archive.

In 2023, Noam completed his undergraduate studies at Sciences Po Paris (Cum Laude). He earned a distinction for his final dissertation exploring the impact of colonisation on the relationship of Maghrebi Jews and Muslims in France.

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