Juan Moreno Gonzalez

Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholar


Juan Moreno Gonzalez has been awarded the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship to commence his PhD studies in 2023 in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Peterhouse under the supervision of Dr Andrew Marsham.

Juan's research aims to investigate the relationship between grammarians and grammatical theory in Jewish and Arabic traditions as a case study for cross-cultural development of ideas. He will focus on the period from the 10th to the 13th century in the geographical area of al-Andalus (modern-day southern Spain). This study aims to determine the nature and extent of this relationship and explore its implications in the field of grammar, as well as in related disciplines such as poetry and philosophy. By analysing primary and secondary sources, the project aims to understand the development of grammar in Hebrew and Arabic within their social and intellectual contexts, drawing as well upon concepts from Walter Benjamin's understanding of art and Stephen Greenblatt's cultural poetics to explore the interplay between language, reality and human existence. Natural Language Processing techniques will be applied to examine intertextual relationships between Hebrew and Arabic grammatical works, revealing insights into the history of Hebrew grammar and its connection to the Jewish community in al-Andalus and its relationship with the dominant Muslim culture of the time.

Prior to commencing his PhD studies, Juan completed an MPhil in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies by research at Cambridge (2022/23). During his undergraduate years was a visiting student in Kuwait University and The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He obtained his BA (First class Honours, 1st of his class) at the Complutense University of Madrid (2022).

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