Janai Wright

Woolf-BYU Intern 2023


Janai, a senior studying Philosophy and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Brigham Young University, was the 2023 Woolf-BYU joint intern. She has been a research assistant at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship for the last three years as well as a teaching and research assistant for the Survey of World Religions course at her university for the last two years. She is a Wheatley Scholar and has enjoyed collaborating in conferences for the Wheatley Institute in research-supported work that fortifies the core institutions of the family, religion, and constitutional government.

Janai has also enjoyed working closely with the BYU Interfaith Student Association during her time at BYU and wants to pursue Interfaith Relations on a professional level. Her particular academic interests lie in comparative theology, Catholic-LDS relations, and philosophy in the Islamic world.

She returned to the Woolf Institute as an alumna from the first Woolf Institute Summer School programme of 2022.

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