Gracia Llorca-Llinares

Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges


I am a musicologist and a translator. Studying translation, I have learned about the complexity of intercultural relations and about how language allows cultural contact and reacts to this contact.

Interested in finding out more about this phenomena, I started to research the role of music in the intercultural relations and I realised that music is very much related to religion when it comes to connections between different cultures.

When I found out about the Woolf Institute and the Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges online course, I enrolled immediately hoping to learn more about the historical and current interreligious and intercultural relations in Europe.

This online course has helped me to understand the complexity of European religious history and has opened my eyes to a new way of interpreting and understanding how music enables mutual understanding in the intercultural communication.

At the moment, I am pursuing research in intercultural and interreligious relations, taking into account musical and linguistic points of view. This is a very broad perspective that allows me to understand deeply the intercultural links and, ultimately, to comprehend how human beings interact with each other.

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