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Elisheva Malkiel-Rosen



Looking back, I think the most powerful part of studying MJR was how empowering it was. I was lucky enough to be guided by the most talented teachers. They had trust in me, patience and professionalism. They helped me gain new skills and advance my research expertise. Most importantly, I was given the independence, confidence and tools to develop my ideas with academic rigor and honesty, without compromising on my desire for creativity. My teachers changed the way I perceive myself and my capabilities, on an academic, professional and personal level. Today, back in Israel, I will be running a program designed to empower and aid Ethiopian women to reach their academic potential. I advance towards this role with a prayer that I will be able to pass on what I received when studying MJR: to provide these women with the trust and tools to fulfill their potential and grow confident in themselves as intelligent, capable and creative women.

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