Dr Tobias Müller

Former Research Fellow


Dr Tobias Müller is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Political Science at Yale University. He is also Affiliated Lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) and Fellow at The New Institute, Hamburg. Previously, he held research and teaching positions at Leiden University, LMU Munich, King's College, Queens' College, and the University of Cambridge, where he received his PhD in 2020. At the Woolf Institute, he was principal researcher on the project Strictly Observant Religion, Gender and the State (SORGES), working with Dr Ed Kessler. His research has been funded by the European Research Council, the Cambridge Trust, the DAAD and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. His research interests include political and social theory, the politics of climate change, decolonial and feminist theory, secularism and religion, masculinities and extremism. His recent work has been published in Political Theory, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Social Compass, Religion, State and Society and Review of Faith & International Affairs. He has published various op-eds, including on religion and climate change in Nature.

Contact: tm498@cam.ac.uk; twitter: @TobiasMueller_

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