Ayesha Ulhaq

Honorary PhD Scholar


Ayesha Ulhaq is currently pursuing her PhD, under the supervision of Professor Esra Ozyurek (Faculty of Divinity) and Dr Julian Hargreaves (Woolf Institute). Her research focuses on the emotional geographies of British Muslim women's safety in various settings, including home, public spaces and third spaces.

Emotional geographies is a field of study that investigates the interplay between emotions and the physical and social environments that we inhabit. Ayesha's research is particularly concerned with understanding how gender, religion and societal structures influence the emotional experiences of British Muslim women across diverse spaces. Her work will examine public, private and third spaces, shedding light on the factors that contribute to feelings of vulnerability, safety, fear, comfort, as well as risk, danger and threat.

Ayesha's research attempts to strengthen the relationship between communities, the public and academia by involving communities in crucial phases of the research process through participatory approaches and innovative methodology.

Ayesha also holds a Master's in Social Research from the Methods Institute at Sheffield University, and previously completed her undergraduate degree in Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Leeds.

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