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Austin Tiffany

PhD Scholar



Austin Tiffany was awarded the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship to commence his PhD studies in 2015-16.

Austin's PhD project is supervised by Dr Shana Cohen. His research examines contemporary interfaith training of priests and rabbis in the United Kingdom and the United States. Through interviews with seminary faculty and graduates of the respective seminaries serving in religiously diverse areas, Austin hopes to reveal effective methods of theological and dialogical interfaith training that can contribute to a cooperative understanding of the religious other in local communities. Austin also facilitates and teaches on the online course Religion is…. and teaches on the Cambridge Theological Federation's Intensive Course, Judaism and Jewish-Christian Relations and Interfaith Conference.

Austin is a native of Texas, where he was raised and received a BA in Religion at Baylor University. Throughout his undergraduate tenure, he completed placements in London with the Centre for Theology and Community and Near Neighbours, igniting his interest for interfaith study. Supervised by Shana Cohen at the Institute, he received an MPhil in Sociology from the University of Cambridge.

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