NEW PODCAST: Refugees and Migrants

Austin Tiffany

PhD Alumnus


Austin Tiffany was awarded the Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship and submitted his PhD in August 2018, titled Pedagogies and Practice. Conducted through Cambridge University's Department of Sociology, his thesis examined the impact of religious diversification on Jewish and Christian theological education and clerical practice. Austin studied 11 seminaries and interviewed over 130 participants, revealing the difficulties in implementing interreligious education and exposing a gap between training and practice as it concerns religious diversity.

Austin now serves as the Executive Manager of the International Community of the Holy Sepulchre, a new organisation that seeks to support Christians and their Churches in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan through advocacy, raising awareness, and action.

Austin received a BA in Religion from Baylor University and an MPhil in Sociology through the University of Cambridge.

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