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Alissa Symon

PhD Scholar


Alissa Symon is currently undertaking her PhD in the University of Oxford under the supervision of Dr Michael Biggs and Prof Yaacov Yadgar. Her thesis, titled 'Diasporic Intervention and Israeli Society' investigated the transnational political community of the State of Israel and American Jews. Her research interests focus on issues connected to homeland-diaspora politics, transnational political activism, religious studies and interfaith relations.

Currently, together with Dunya Habash, Alissa is the outreach officer for the Living in Harmony project at the Woolf Institute.

Alissa joined the Woolf Institute in 2018 as an MPhil Woolf Scholar, studying Jewish-Muslim relations in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge. Her dissertation was supervised by Dr Julian Hargreaves, titled 'the Left and What's Left' and focused on the relationship between the Israeli Left and American Jewish progressives. After completing her degree, Alissa served as the executive director's Research Assistant. Alissa is also the co-Jewish chaplain at the University of Cambridge.


Hargreaves J., Kessler E., Izamoje D. and Symon A., 2020. 'How We Get Along: The Diversity Study of England and Wales.' Woolf Institute.

Symon A. and Patir Y., 2020. 'A Big Tent or a Divided Community?' in: Peacemism, What Happened to the Israeli Peace Camp, Aruch O. (Editor)


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