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Welcoming Our New Director of Development

29th January 2021

The Woolf Institute is delighted to welcome Heather Thomas as its new Director of Development.

Heather says 'When it comes to the state of humanity, I strive to be a stubborn optimist. Confronted by the news cycle, it is not always easy to believe that better is possible. But, then there's the Woolf Institute. This talented group of researchers and educators has spent more than twenty years developing a better understanding of what we can do to unite people despite our differences. The Woolf Institute shows us how to build more tolerant communities. Personally, I think this understanding is the foundation of all the work we must do to address the challenges of the 21st century. I am humbled to have the opportunity to use my skills and passion to serve the Woolf Institute, which so creatively is working in service to all of us'.

As the Director of Development, Heather will lead the brand and revenue strategy development and delivery for the Woolf Institute. She strives to develop relationships with a diverse range of people and organisations whose interests and work complements that of the Woolf Institute.

Heather's career in development spans the arts and culture sector (Tate, The Royal Academy of Arts), youth services and digital sectors (YouthNet) and politics (The Green Party). Heather achieved her MBA from Copenhagen Business School after which she spent 7 years in Denmark building a social enterprise called The Mindful Kitchen to promote nature relatedness and ecological wellbeing. Her book of the same name was published by Leaping Hare in 2019.

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