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Success for 2019 Supporter Campaign

3rd April 2019

It’s not too late to join the 2019 round: the Woolf Institute’s first Annual Campaign, seeking to help our students, has been a success.

Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner, Director of Research, wrote to our alumni and supporters asking them to help support our PhD researchers and Master students. In the context of current world events, our mission seems more important now than ever. We continue to be funded mainly by philanthropic donations and are very grateful to all those who make contributions large and small to the Woolf Institute. Donors contribute directly to the common good through their support of the Woolf Institute’s work to improve tolerance and foster understanding between people of different beliefs.

‘Please, consider becoming one of our donors.’ Miriam wrote, ‘regular donations allow us to plan ahead, making your contribution to our work more effective. Such is the collective power of regular donations that we could finance a full PhD scholarship in perpetuity in just three years’ time, if everyone who received this letter donated just £20 a month. Just two pledges of £200 a quarter would allow us to pay for a student’s living costs while in Cambridge. One annual donation of £2,000 would allow four people to take our Online Course at no cost to them.’ So far we have raiser well over £4,000.

Our students have hugely appreciated everyone putting thought into making a donation and are very grateful for every gift that has been made. You will see, from the dedicated campaign website,, using the knowledge they gained in their studies, our students go on to make positive contributions to the communities in which they live and work, multiplying the impact of every gift you make.

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