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Pontanima Choir to visit Woolf Institute

18th December 2017


The Woolf Institute is delighted to be hosting the Pontanima (spiritual bridge) Interreligious Choir from Sarajevo. The choir has emerged as one of the most important actors in the field of inter-religious peacemaking in Bosnia-Herzegovina, linking exceptional artistry with a powerful vision of a future where religions act as points of contact and not division; where diversity is cultivated as a source of healing, hope and celebration.  

Pontanima's music is a celebration of the beautiful artistic diversity that has resulted through the differing spiritual influences in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Although many are only aware of the recent wars that manipulated religious identity as a tool to fuel conflict, the region has a centuries-old tradition of religious co-existence and cooperation, as Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews have contributed to the fabric of Bosnia-Herzegovina.  In the face of widespread hopelessness and even shame about Bosnia-Herzegovinan identity, the importance of Pontanima's work cannot be overstressed:  it fosters pride in a unique Bosnian identity that is based on the richness of diversity.  

Pontanima has faced many challenges. In the beginning, some of the choir members found it horrifying to sing the songs of their "enemies".  Singers were criticized by friends who thought they were betraying their own people or religion.  Some religious leaders continue to oppose what they see as syncretism. Nevertheless, the group has grown and flourished beyond expectation. Now it is increasingly recognized as an innovative peacemaking project, a shining ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina and a major contributor to the cultural life of Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  

Pontanima has performed more than 400 times throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina and while touring in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Swiss, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, China, Hungary, United States etc. The choir is often called upon to sing at important events but also pursues its own priorities, singing for interreligious gatherings and cooperating with artists and groups that share its goals all over the region. With the frequency of performances and the diversity of its singers, Pontanima is a powerful witness and reminder of hope that springs from the core of Abrahamic spirituality.

The choir will perform in the following cities as part of their UK visit:

A workshop, with Dr Nedžad Avdić, will be hosted at the Woolf Institute.

For any further details, please contact:

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