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Launch of A-Z of the Holy Land: from Arab to Zion

13th January 2021

The Woolf Institute is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest podcast series, A-Z of the Holy Land: from Arab to Zion.

Hosted by Founder Director Dr Ed Kessler, the series presents an authoritative and balanced account of this complex subject, offering clarity in place of the chaos in which it is usually mired. For many, the Holy Land means only the seemingly endless clash between Israel and Palestine and the loud contestation of the unbending advocates of each cause. Apart from a detailed knowledge of the subject, he will offer personal and playful insights into meetings he has had met with some of the main players in the region over the years, thus helping to bring the subject to life.

This series of podcasts will not be tribal. At least, it will not pander to the tribal conflicts that rage around Israel and Palestine. But it will help the listener understand the tensions between global and national identity. Its loyalties will be global. Its instincts, hopeful.

Come on a journey from biblical times to the modern day, exploring the connection between religion, history and politics and reflect on one of the most intractable conflicts in the last 100 years. It will be sort of 'Long View' of the factors which have led to the current regional instability as well as an insight into the forthcoming re-running of elections in Israel.

The challenge for you – the reader/listener – is to avoid assumptions about even those who appear to share your own beliefs in the following 26 episodes as complex, and potentially, as contentious as this A-Z of the Holy Land.

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