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New Research Project: Religious Sisterhood

20th February 2018

The Woolf Institute is very pleased to announce its new project Religious Sisterhood - Encounters of Gender, Religion and Belonging in the UK has commenced thanks to the generous support of the Exilarch's Foundation and the Randeree Charitable Trust.

The project examines the ways Jewish and Muslim women come together to share common difficulties and strive to achieve social, cultural and civic change - more information may be seen on the project page.  

Religious Sisterhood is led by Woolf Institute Research Fellow, Lea Taragin-Zeller, who comments:

"I am very much looking forward to this exciting project. By examining gendered negotiations of religion in the everyday lives of Jewish and Muslim women, this study will highlight relationships and unexpected co-operations between religious minorities as they realign forces in light of exclusion and racism in contemporary Europe. The recent rise in female interfaith initiatives offers a unique tool to analyse this process of realignment as women of minority groups come together vis-à-vis recent political and social transformations".

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