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Living in Harmony Teachers’ Seminar 17 November 2022

13th September 2022

The Living in Harmony team has created a dynamic outreach programme based on research from the project to teach students across England about faith communities and coexistence through music. Currently, we offer fun and engaging workshops that provide students a unique experience of Middle Eastern music, religion and history. We are now also providing training for teachers who are interested in expanding their knowledge of interfaith relations and acquiring new tools and lesson plans for the classroom.

We will start the day with a session on the Cairo Genizah with Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner and explore historical Muslim-Jewish relations during the medieval period. The second session will be about the Woolf Diversity Study with Dr Julian Hargreaves, our Director of Research. This session will provide ideas for exciting and contemporary lesson plans related to minorities in the UK. We will finish the day with a session led by Dr Elizabeth Phillips, our Public Engagement Fellow. You will have an opportunity to voice your needs and concerns related to religious studies education more broadly. After this reflection, you will be introduced to our new Teacher's Hub page where lesson plans, worksheets, exercises, online courses and more can be accessed.

Living In Harmony Teachers’ Seminar Flyer

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