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Documentary: We do do God

23rd April 2019

Dr Ed Kessler, MBE, presents a documentary on the growth of fervently observed religion across the UK's Abrahamic faiths. Latest research suggests that the increase in the number of strictly religious adherents is making up for the decline in mainstream religious observance. Is this a reaction to the failings of mainstream institutional religion or an insistent secularism in the public square or even to the emptiness of consumer capitalism? Or is it just demographics? Or is it all the above? According to reliable predictions the Ultra Orthodox Jewish community, with its high fertility, will outnumber other Jewish groups in London by the middle of this century. Can we call these groups - Jews, Christians and Muslims - fundamentalists? Is that a useful description? One thing the strictly observant are not is defensive, disengaged or incoherent. To put it another way they are not foaming at the mouth. Whatever we may think of their beliefs and practices, it is important to understand their way of life and engage with them as their influence in the public square and beyond is increasing.

Among the Contributors: Bishop Joe Aldred, Rabbi Herschel Gluck, Abdul Haq & Rev Jack Noble

We do do God will air on 30 April at 8pm on BBC Radio 4 and be available on BBC iPlayer afterwards.

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