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Celebrating 50 Episodes of the Naked Reflections Podcast

7th October 2020

The Woolf Institute podcast team is thrilled to announce that we have recorded our 50th episode of the Naked Reflections podcast series with The Naked Scientists.

Hosted by Dr Ed Kessler and featuring experts from fields ranging from psychology and genetics to political science and theology, we have been able to share our discussions and insights with a global audience, with listeners tuning in from Australia to America and beyond. Some of the subjects we've covered include 'The Changing Face of Human Conflict', 'Religion and Artificial Intelligence' and 'Social Media and the Modern Day Messiah', with leading researchers including Professor Margaret MacMillan, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr Chris Smith, the Naked Scientist himself, sharing their knowledge and experience as it pertains to some of the most pressing issues of our time.

We hope you have enjoyed the series so far and that you will tune in for upcoming episodes. You can listen and subscribe to the Naked Reflections podcast here and wherever else you access your podcasts:

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