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2020/21 Calendar Out

14th October 2020

The Calendar for the 2020/21 academic year is available to read online now.

Previously known as the 'Calendar of Events', this is an annual publication showcasing our current research and giving details of some of the events coming up between October 2020 and July 2021. We have responded appropriately to the challenges of COVID-19 and reduced the physical size of this publication, without reducing the content. A copy of the Calendar was sent to all members of the Friends of the Woolf Institute and those that supported us in 2019/20. Anyone can read the version found online at Issu.

Discussions of appropriate public behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to waves of indignation about perceived injustices and variation in approaches to the viral threat, exacerbating already existing polarisation between communities. In times of crisis, people seek someone to blame outside their community and those seeking to destabilise political and economic systems recruit religion amongst their weapons. The videos purporting to be of UK Muslims or Ultra-Orthodox Jews praying in congregation in defiance of the lockdown measures and so spreading COVID-19 infection, that circulated on social media shortly after the lockdown began, are an example of this and had equivalents for various religious groups around the world.

In a world in which religio-cultural divisions and conflicts exist around the globe, the Woolf Institute’s vision is one in which collaborative discussion and constructive engagement overcome prejudice and intolerance. It combines teaching, scholarship and outreach to build tolerance and foster understanding between those of different beliefs. The Institute works to build a safer society for everyone in four ways:

1. Knowing what works: data and measurement

2. Increasing the knowledge pool

3. Educating current and rising sector leaders

4. What next and why?

We expand on these four themes in the Calendar on p. 3. Please raise awareness of our work by sharing the Calendar. On our website you can find an outline of our response to the pandemic and ways to support us. Help us make a difference!

The Editor is most grateful to all those who supported him during the production of the Calendar.

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