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Woolf Institute Research Seminar

29th January @ 14:00 - 16:00

Woolf Institute Building, Madingley Road, Cambridge


Our Research seminar series will continue on Monday 29th January at 2pm, with talks from  Dr Daniel Staetsky and Dr Julian Hargreaves.

Dr Daniel Staetsky will discuss a 'Strictly Orthodox Jewish future'. This lecture will present adetailed assessment of the process of demographic transformation of selected Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora - from largely secular and/or traditional to strongly religious. The strictly Orthodox Jewish population still constitutes a minority among Jews everywhere. In the British Jewish population, a country at the vanguard of the 'demographic de-secularisation' of Jews, the proportion of strictly Orthodox Jews out of the total Jewish population in 2011 was, at most, 16%. However, among children it was approaching 30%, and it could be expected to reach 50% among children around 2031, providing a clear indication of the future cultural landscape and the timing of its coming into existence.This lecture will build on demographic materials pertaining to major Jewish populations in the Diaspora (UK, USA and Canada) and in Israel, comparing trends of de-secularisation and their timelines. It will also place the discussion of Jewish de-secularisation in the broader framework of demographic transition focusing on the interplay between fertility, mortality and religious disaffiliation.

Dr Julian Hargreaves will talk about 'Police stop and search within British Muslim communities: the statistical evidence'. This paper will discusses police stop and search within British Muslim communities and reports the analysis of statistical data collected by the Crime Survey of England and Wales between 2006 and 2011. The primary aim of the paper is to determine the extent to which Crime Survey data supported or challenged allegations of police discrimination against British Muslim communities during a time of heightened anxiety around terrorism and increased concerns around the British state's responses to it.

How to book

This seminar is open to all, with no booking required. Coffee and cake will be served.

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