Woolf Institute is going to New York

27th April, 2023


At the end of April, The Woolf Institute will be visiting New York. We will be meeting alumni and friends, and Dr Katherine O’Lone will be giving a talk entitled ‘Belfast; Have the Ghosts Left?’ based on her research. This will take place at the Cambridge in America premises at 1120 Avenue of the Americas.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. In this talk, Dr Katherine O'Lone will explore the psychological and moral landscape of post-conflict Northern Ireland. Dr O'Lone argues that we can better understand peace by exploring the patterns surrounding how people think about reconciliation, forgiveness and justice in the aftermath of violent conflict. In Northern Ireland, despite the passage of twenty-five years since the GFA, the scars of 'The Troubles' continue to influence how people reason and think about moral issues, such as fairness, harm and justice. The conflict has ended but this talk suggests the ghosts are still there.

The talk will be followed by questions and discussion, and a reception to which all are welcome.

How to book

Please contact Flora Moffie for more information.

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