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Webinar 2: Society for the Medieval Mediterranean in collaboration with the Woolf Institute

16th July @ 18:00

Zoom webinar


Ep. 2: Transfer, translation and re-use between faiths: a view from Medieval Iberia

This is the second webinar in the series organised by the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean in collaboration with the Woolf Institute, and will focus on the transfer, re-use and reception of ideas, objects, texts and people across religious boundaries in medieval Iberia.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Iberian Peninsula was a place of conflict but also exchange and collaboration between the Islamic and Christian powers that ruled its territories. Goods, ideas, texts and people moved across cultural and religious borders, both as spoils of conquest and fruits of trade. Christian clerics wrapped some of their most precious items in Islamic textiles, the works of Muslim scholars were translated into Latin in Toledo, whilst the mosques, palaces and structures of Islamic government were re-used by their Christian conquerors. This seminar will explore four examples of interfaith transfer and re-use from Islamic Al-Andalus to the Christian kingdoms of Iberia.

Introduced by Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner (Executive Director, Woolf Institute) and chaired by Dr Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo (University of Lincoln) the panelists are:

Dr. Clara Almagro (PhD University of Granada 2012) is currently a researcher at the Historisches Seminar at Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, where she is the recipient of a DFG funded Research Project.

Dr Esther Dorado-Ladera is an architect and completed her PhD in Theory and History of Architecture at the Barcelona School of Architecture (UPC) in 2015, with a thesis on the symbolic value of geometric ornamentation in medieval Iberian architecture. She currently works as a science-communication specialist.

Dr. Maeve O'Donnell-Morales is currently a Research Associate at The University of Bristol investigating the development of the cults of Hispanic saints in an AHRC disciplinary grant led by Professor Emma Hornby (Music). She completed her PhD on Castilian altar furnishings in 2008 at the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Dr. Teresa Witcombe is a Leverhulme Visiting Research Fellow at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) Madrid. She works on the intellectual, cultural and religious history of Castile in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, particularly the movement of ideas and individuals between Muslim and Christian societies. She received her PhD from the University of Exeter in 2019.

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