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The Cairo Genizah

13th October, 2017

Ebenezer Presents, The Seed Factory, Aller, Somerset, TA10 0QN


Ben Ezra Synagogue

On Friday 13th October Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner will give a lecture on the Cairo Genizah for Ebenezer Presents.

Esther-Miriam Wagner joined the Woolf from her role as Research associate at the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Unit, Cambridge University Library after completing her doctorate on Judaeo-Arabic letters at the University of Cambridge. Her main research interests include Judaeo-Arabic, historical linguistics of Arabic and Yiddish, sociolinguistics, scribal practise, and Jewish-Muslim relations in Egypt and Muslim Spain as reflected in the Genizah sources.  

Ebenezer Presents is an independent events organisation, staging lectures, films and music for the benefit of the local community.

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