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Shtick! Humour, Satire and Religion 2: UK - "Life of Brian"

28th October @ 17:00 - 18:00

Woolf Institute Webinar


Shtick! is a five-episode webinar series which investigates the connection of modern comedy, satire and religion through some of its most famous appearances in pop culture. This series will be hosted by Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner and chaired by Alissa Symon.

Episode 2: Christian: UK - "Life of Brian"

Speaker: Prof James Crossley

Synopsis: Perhaps one of Monty Python's most notorious productions, Life of Brian has been widely criticised for its blasphemous nature and the seeming resemblance between Brian and Jesus Christ. In this episode, Prof Crossley will discuss this issue and explain how he thinks the film should be interpreted, and answer the question – is Brian indeed Jesus?

Prof Crossley joined St Mary's University in September 2015 as Professor of Bible, Society and Politics after ten years at the University of Sheffield where he was Professor of Bible, Culture and Politics. His research and teaching interests can be put into two broad categories: Christian origins and Judaism in the 1st century; modern political receptions of the Bible, particularly (but not exclusively) in English political discourse.

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