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Public Lecture: Fundamentalism: Reflections on Definitions, Religious Authorities and Research Agendas

25th March, 2019 @ 17:45 - 19:00

Woolf Institute


In this talk, Torkel Brekke presents his thoughts on the study of religious fundamentalism past and present and on how we should research it in the future. Any research programme about fundamentalism needs to pay close attention to transformations in religious authority and for this reason the role of government and its relationship to religion needs to be at the centre of research. At the same time there is an increasing need to reflect on the researcher's situatedness in a contested field of politicized knowledge.

Torkel Brekke is a professor in the study of religion at the University of Oslo. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo and the Peace Research Institute (PRIO). In 2012 he published Fundamentalism – Prophecy and Protest and in Age of Globalization (Cambridge University Press), which makes an argument for how we should understand fundamentalism as a global phenomenon closely linked to the globalization of modernity.

The conference programme can be found here.

How to book

The lecture is open to the public, no booking necessary. In case you have any further questions, please contact Tobias Müller (

The public lectures is also the keynote for the international conference "Strictly Observant Religion, Gender, and the State" (only for ticket holders).

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