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Music Research Afternoon: Music in Jewish, Christian and Muslim Encounters

12th February, 2020 @ 11:00 - 18:00


The Marvelous Art of In Between
Music in Jewish, Christian and Muslim Encounters

Convenors: Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner and Dr Diana Matut

The Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies “Between Sacred and Profane - Jewish Musical Cultures in Early Modern Europe” (OCHJS) in cooperation with the Woolf Institute, Cambridge

Location: Cambridge University Library; West Road, Cambridge

11-11.45: Exploring the Treasures of the Genizah

12-12.45: Keynote lecture: Dr Alexandre Cerveux

‘Musicalrealiamedieval Jewish Fustat'

Walk to the Woolf Institute and Westminster College

1-2pm: Lunch Break (at Westminster College)

Location: Woolf Institute, Weston Room

Inter-Play. Transcultural Music-Making

2.00-2.10: Dunya Habash: ‘Syrian Musicians in Turkey: Playing and Replaying the Cultural Imagination’

2.10-2.20: Andreas Schmitges: ‘Caravan Orchestra & Choir - a New Approach to Transcultural Music Making in Haifa and Weimar’

2.20-2.30: Enrico Fink: 'Orchestra Multietnica di Arezzo'

Al-Andalus and Beyond

2.30-2.40: Edwin Seroussi: ‘Past and Present Al Andalus: On The Resourcefulness of Musical Memory and Imagination’

2.40-2.50: Vanessa Paloma Elbáz: ‘Land, Voice, Nation: Jewish Music in Spain & Morocco’

2.50-3.00: Matthew Autenrieth-Machin: ‘Flamenco-andalusí, Colonial Memory and Moroccan Migration across the Strait of Gibraltar’

3-3.10: Eric Petzoldt: ‘Improvising Euro-Moroccan Intercultural Dialogue: The Role of Jazz Workshops in Present-Day Morocco’

3.10-3.40: Coffee Break

Envisioning the Art of Music

3.40-3.50: Alexander Knapp: ‘Letter to a Bar Mitzvah’

3.50-4.00: Yael Sela: ‘Exile between Silence and Noise: A DualTopos’

4-4.10: Suzanne Wijsman: ‘Wild Men, Musicians and Others: Envisioning Identity in a 15th-century Jewish Prayer Book’

4.10-4.20: Piergabriele Mancuso: ‘Judeo-Christian Interactions and Interferences in Early Modern Venice’

4.20-4.30: Deborah Rooke: ‘Jewish writers and Christian musicians’

4.30-4.40: Danielle Padley: ‘Choral Movements in Victorian Britain: From Oxford to West London’

4.40-4.50: Matthew Austerklein: ‘The Secular Sulzer: the Art Songs and Musical Politics of of the First Modern Cantor’

4.50-5.20: Coffee Break

Vernacular Musics

5.20-5.30: Diana Matut: ‘Singing and Playing for Groom and Bride in Early Modern Ashkenaz’

5.30-5.40: Walter Zev Feldman: ‘Klezmer Tunes for the Christian Bride: Wedding Table Songs from Moldova’

5.40-5.50: David Conway: ‘Two Tribes of Musical Outsiders’

5.50-6.00: Judit Frigyesi Niran: ‘East-European Jewish Prayer Chant: Folk Music or Art (Professional) Music?’

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