Mobility, Belonging and Community in the Mediterranean City (Barcelona, Venice and Constantinople 1400-1550).

18th October, 2022 @ 17:00 - 18:00


The Woolf Institute together with the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean invite you to their webinar series.

This session offers a parallel analysis on the processes of community-building, social advancement and agency in the late medieval Mediterranean. It focuses on three cities that will take us from one shore of the Mediterranean to the other. The urban contexts of Barcelona, Venice and Constantinople allow us to delve into the different ways that individuals and groups strove to improve their position within the fabric of the late medieval city. Consequently, the papers in this session will consider issues such as, the importance of sociability in the creation of belonging, the role of profession in the establishment of urban hierarchies and the agency of foreign communities in the shaping of urban life.

Speakers: Lisa Dallavalle, Özden Mercan, Carolina Obradors-Suazo

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