Niran Bassoon: Bridging between Jewish, Muslim and Christians Iraqis across the World

23rd November, 2020 @ 17:00 - 18:00



In this webinar series, Middle Eastern Judaism and Islam, Dr Merav Rosenfeld-Hadad will interview four fascinating and successful Middle Eastern women who will share their views on diplomacy and journalism, family and social life, food and the arts, and cross denominational relationships.

In the final episode, Niran Bassoon, television presenter and Director of the Iraqi Cultural Forum in London, will discuss building bridges between Jewish, Muslim and Christian Iraqis.

Niran Bassoon-Timan is the daughter of Salim Bassoon, a leading Iraqi pioneering Journalist and his wife Miriam Mulla who was one of the first female writers in Iraq. Niran is a known and admired leader in bridge building between Iraqi Jews, Muslims, and Christians and between other ethnic groups of Iraq. Through her various activities she creates and renew friendships and dialogues between members of these groups. By establishing bridges of friendships and communications, Niran's aim is to reconnect Iraqis all over the world and rekindle past relationships. She is the only Iraqi female in London to form an Iraqi cultural forum and the only Iraqi Jewish Youtuber who is also very active on Facebook & Instagram. Iraqis describe Niran with many titles such as 'a peace dove', 'a goodwill ambassador', 'the sun of Iraq', 'an Iraqi palm tree', and 'the new queen Ishtar’.

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