Medieval Mystics in Conversation: An Evening of Mystical Poetry and Sacred Chant

30th June, 2019 @ 18:00 - 20:00

Woolf Institute Library


Medieval mystics across faiths inspired rich collections of sacred writings and chant. Writings by Rumi, Julian of Norwich, Ibn Gabirol, and Halevi are still widely read today for their wisdom, clarity and spiritual guidance.

Join us for a unique evening of sacred chant and mystical poetry at the Woolf Institute. Featuring Vanessa Paloma Elbaz, Wilf Jones, and Imam Ali Tos, various chants will be beautifully recited from sacred liturgical texts interspersed with readings of medieval mystical poetry by poets from across the Abrahamic faiths. The poems will be read by Tali Artman, Mother Joanna Burton, and Dunya Habash. The performances will not only celebrate the beauty of the individual traditions, but also confirm the common aspirations to spiritual transcendence.

There will be light refreshments to follow. The evening is intended to showcase the common aesthetics of medieval mysticism and sacred recitation from each tradition, all seeking relationship to the Divine. By doing so, we also celebrate the interfaith human desire for beauty in sound and text.

Sponsored by Heffers and Aktiva Lighting, London.

For further information, please contact Woolf Institute Subject Librarian, Susanne Jennings at

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