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Film Night: Ballad for Syria

29th October, 2018 @ 18:45 - 21:00

Woolf Institute, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0UB


The Woolf Institute will be hosting a film night on Monday 29 October 2018.

6.45pm Arrival and refreshments

7.00pm Screening of Ballad For Syria

8.00pm Discussion and Q&A with Maisa Alhafez and Eda Elif Tibet

Following the screening, Dunya Habash will discuss with Maisa Alhafez and Eda Elif Tibet the making of the film and the role of music in fostering a sense of cultural identity in diaspora.

This screening is part of the Living in Harmony research project at the Woolf Institute, which is exploring diasporic Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities from Syria and Iraq through music and memory, both individual and collective, and encounter.

About the film: A ballad narrates poetic stories in short stanzas, hence this self-reflective musical documentary mirrors the life of Maisa Alhafez, a musician and a Syrian refugee living in Istanbul. The film is about her longing to her loved ones as she tries to make a place for herself in the world of the displaced. Her family still in Syria, Maisa's true love (fiancé) is in the Netherlands. As of the current EU-Turkey border regime, to unite is very challenging. Not giving up, Maisa works hard for her vision to transform the borders; by building a multicultural community "The Oriental Istanbul Mosaic Choir". By bringing together a diverse family that sings together, Maisa believes through music and love one can heal the wounds of her people and children. (Text and photos from

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This is an open event. All are welcome.

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