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Conversations: Searching for the Sacred in South Asia

30th September @ 09:30 - 1st October @ 18:00


Hina Khalid (Cambridge), Nirali Patel (Cambridge), Hershini Soneji (Cambridge), Namrata Narula (Cambridge), Tilak Parekh (Cambridge) and Imran Visram (Oxford) have come together to organise a 2-day postgraduate symposium on religion in South Asia. The aim of the symposium is foster inter-disciplinary conversations and collaborations on the theme of religious expression in the subcontinent, and to explore how devotional sensibilities and cultural heritages are diversely and dynamically intertwined. The symposium seeks to explore, across multiple South Asian landscapes, the interstices of antagonism and domains of hospitality that exist within and between religious traditions; indeed, many of the talks are shaped by inter-religious themes, across the socio-political milieus of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Papers will explore these motifs of "antagonism" and "hospitality" from the manifold disciplinary vantage points of anthropology, theology, philosophy and history. A total of 37 papers will feature in the symposium.

The first day of the symposium will be online, featuring mostly international speakers from universities across India, the USA, and Australia. The second day of the symposium will be in person, in Cambridge's Faculty of Divinity, with mostly UK speakers from institutions across London, Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh and York.

The schedule can be downloaded here.

This symposium is being generously supported by Cambridge's Faculty of Divinity, Oxford's Faculty of Theology & Religion, Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme, BASR and the Woolf Institute.

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