Conference: Wittgenstein and Interreligious Communication

24th June, 2015

Westminster College, Cambridge


wittgenstein conference

On 24-25 June, 2015, Dr Gorazd Andrejč will convene a conference on Wittgenstein and Interreligious Communication. Ludwig Wittgenstein’s thought has been engaged with in various ways in order to elucidate interreligious communication. Particularly influential approaches that have claimed Wittgenstein as inspiration are Post-Liberal (George Lindbeck), Grammatical Thomist (David Burrell), and Liberal Comparative (Keith Ward, Klaus von Stosch). Several Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu thinkers, too, have engaged with Wittgenstein while working on various kinds of discursive encounters between members of different religions. This conference will provide a platform for conversation on recent and current approaches from these and other theological and philosophical perspectives towards interreligious communication that engage with Wittgenstein’s thought.

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