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Conference: Minorities in Contact

23rd April, 2015


Minorities in contact

On 23rd and 24th April 2015, the Woolf Institute and the Faculty of History (University of Cambridge) will hold an international conference entitled: Minorities in Contact.


Comparative history of religious minorities across the Mediterranean is becoming more and more necessary for an understanding of the mechanisms of their definition and self-identity creation. This workshop attempts to shift the focus from the usual study of relations between minority and majority, to a more horizontal minority-minority approach, understood in a broad sense of either inter-religious relations, or intra-religious self-definitions.


The conference, held at St Catherine's College, will be convened by Ana Echevarria (Visiting Fellow, Woolf Institute) and Nora Berend (Faculty of History, University of Cambridge) and is supported by The Trevelyan Fund.


To view the provisional programme please see here.


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The delegate fee for attendance will be £25 (£10 for students).

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