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Bees in the medieval Mediterranean: Economic, environmental and cultural perspectives

17th May @ 17:00 - 18:00


Bees and bee products were of tremendous cultural significance in the later middle ages. Wax was necessary for many aspects of Christian religious devotion, while honey held a particular importance in medieval Islam. In this session we will examine how these cultural preferences drove a lucrative and far-reaching trade in beeswax, combining the products of domestic apiculture and large-scale imports to support increasingly costly and spectacular forms of Christian devotion, demonstrating interconnections of economy, environment and culture in the pre-modern world.

The speakers are: Dr Alexandra Sapoznik (King's College London) and Lluis Sales Fava (Bee Project) (IEM-Universidade Nova de Lisboa).

The session will be chaired by Dr Roser Salicrú.

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