Aden Conference

28th - 30th August, 2023


Join American Sephardi Federation & others at a conference dedicated to the intersection of histories, cultures, and communal dynamics in Aden and its surroundings, particularly under British rule.

Throughout centuries of war, peace, progress and challenges, jews and muslims have lived in yemen. Aden became an important port with a difficult terrain and climate, and generations of conquest. It grew to be a strong hub under british rule, when it attracted many merchants from the region, expanding the local population to 100,000 in 1948. Among those living there in 1920 were a majority muslims, 14% jews, and the rest a mix of christians, zoroastrians, hindus, and others. It was a real meeting place of cultures and religions from around the region. The unique nature of this port on the tip of the arabian peninsula is a study in a multi-cultural society with deep indigenous roots.

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