The Woolf Institute's vision is a world in which collaborative discussion and constructive engagement can overcome prejudice and intolerance. It combines teaching, scholarship and outreach, focusing on Jews, Christians and Muslims, to build tolerance and foster understanding between religion and society.

To achieve this, we value your support of our fundraising priorities which are detailed below.

For further details, contact to discuss these priorities further or make a gift online here.

Priorities for Support

The Woolf Institute's priorities for support are detailed in the tabs below.

Support our Research

Research is at the heart of the Woolf Institute's work; it informs and develops the teaching, public education, online education and media activities by which the Institute aims to foster and increase understanding between religion and society around the world. The Woolf Institute's approach is to integrate academic research with practical education that targets audiences as diverse as police and doctors, teachers and clergy, diplomats and policymakers. All its research projects are designed to include policy and/or public education outputs in addition to academic outputs.

We are currently seeking funding for new research projects under consideration. If there is a particular research project you would like to fund, we would be pleased to discuss ideas with you.

Thank you from the Woolf team

Support our Students

The Woolf Institute welcomes gifts to support scholarships and bursaries for its PhD, MPhil and online students. You may choose to give for current expenditure or towards endowment for student support. PhD and MPhil students are an essential part of the Institute's research, teaching and outreach activities and contribute significantly to its academic life. In doing this, they advance their knowledge in their field of research, test their developing theses and develop valuable and transferable skills in teaching, creating teaching materials and academic event organising.

The Woolf Institute's teaching extends to online courses which are open to participants from around the world. These address various aspects of relations between the Abrahamic faiths, interactions with those of other faiths or none and how such interactions contribute to society and politics in the twenty-first century. Many online course participants need financial assistance with their course fees.

Thank you from the Woolf team

Support our Teaching & Training

The Woolf Institute offers a range of teaching and training to people with a variety of interests and needs relating to interfaith dialogue, interactions and understanding.

We welcome contributions to support:

  • academic teaching for undergraduate and Masters level degree programmes at the University of Cambridge and within the Cambridge Theological Federation;
  • online courses;
  • research supervision of PhD and MPhil scholars;
  • tailored training courses for people working in a range of professions e.g. civil servants, members of police forces, hospital, hospice and care home staff; and
  • creating and maintaining resources (e.g. Gender and Religion Today).

Thank you from the Woolf team

Support our Events

Events are a key part of sharing the Woolf Institute's work, findings and ethos with society, moving us further towards a world in which collaborative discussion and constructive engagement can overcome prejudice and intolerance.

  • Are you interested in sponsoring a lecture series, art exhibition, concert, workshop or film night?
  • Would you like to endow a gift to establish an annual lecture or support the Woolf Institute Research Day?

Join us for an event, meet staff and students, and see for yourself the benefits of bringing audiences together. The event listing can be viewed here.

Thank you from the Woolf team

Support our Library

The Woolf Institute Library collection forms a discrete, highly specialised collection, a significant part of which explores aspects of Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations. Increasingly, the collection is expanding to reflect the more specialist foci of its research community. Material includes key reference works on theology/religion, historical background, Jewish, Christian and Muslim philosophical texts, core texts on aspects of Middle Eastern history, socio-political titles, the Arts and literature to name but a few.

  • Would you like to adopt a book in your name, as a gift for someone or as a memorial to a loved one?
  • Are you interested in making a donation to support the purchase of books for the Library?
  • Are you interested in making a donation to support the development and care of the collection?
  • Would you like to support a project to create short films and other digital resources to promote the wealth of resources available?

For more information on the collection, see here. If you would like to visit the Library, contact

Thank you from the Woolf team