Our annual Research Day took place on 4 November 2020 via Zoom. Hosted by our Executive Director, Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner, twenty researchers and students associated with the Institute presented their work in 5-minute presentations. 

The Research Day offers a unique opportunity to evaluate and further develop our diverse research into contemporary religion and society. It aims to give a short, accessible insight into the breadth of all our research in a single day.

Research Day 2020

The full programme can be downloaded here.

You will shortly be able to watch the individual presentations. In the meantime, watch the three sessions here.

Dr Lea Taragin-Zeller: Public Health, Religion and COVID-19

Watch Dr Taragin-Zeller's presentation here.

Chris Cooper-Davies: Interfaith in Interwar Iraq: Shi'i Anti-sectarian Campaigners in Najaf, 1918 - 1941

Watch Chris Cooper-Davies' presentation here.

Dr Tobias Müller: Orthodox Masculinities: Money, Love and God in North London

Watch Dr Müller's presentation here.

Dunya Habash: "Shall We Sing When We are at War?": Syria's Shifting Cultural Imaginary

Watch Dunya Habash's presentation here.

Dr Rodrigo Garcia Velasco: Judicial Frontiers: Jews at Christian Courts of Law in Medieval Iberia

Watch Dr Garcia Velasco's presentation here.

Dr Merav Rosenfeld-Hadad: The Living in Harmony Project: Facts and Insights After Two Years of Research

Watch Dr Rosenfeld-Hadad's presentation here.

Professor Philip Wood: Arabia, Arabic and Arabians from the Nabateans to the Umayyads

Watch Professor Wood's presentation here.

Dr Lina Molokotos-Liederman: Interfaith Engagement One Joke at a Time

Watch Dr Molokotos-Liederman's presentation here.

Dr Emanuelle Degli Esposti: Towards a European Shi'ism?: Entanglements of the Sacred and Secular

Watch Dr Degli Esposti's presentation here.

Ani Avetisyan: Lost Judaeo-Arabic Medical Manuscripts of Matenadaran

Watch Ani Avetisyan's presentation here.

Sam Victor: Evangelicals and the Creation of Pluralist Spaces in Nashville, Tennessee

Watch Sam Victor's presentation here.

Christopher Wadibia: Nigerian Pentecostalism and Development Theologies: Assessing the Theologies That Underpin the RCCG's Christian Social Responsibility Programme

Watch Christopher Wadibia's presentation here.

Dr Katherine O'Lone: Measuring Success: How Best to Assess the Impact of Interfaith Dialogue

Watch Dr O'Lone's presentation here.

Hina Khalid: 'Harmonising the Universal and the Particular: the Configuration of Religious and National Identities in Colonial India'

Watch Hina Khalid's presentation here.

Dr Ed Kessler: Preparing a Documentary History of Jewish-Christian Relations: From New Testament Times to the Modern Day. Possibilities and Pitfalls

Watch Dr Kessler's presentation here.

Dr Gorazd Andrejč: Vulnerability As Key Concept in New Religious Humanism

Watch Dr Andrejč's presentation here.

Mohammed Ahmed: What Do Later Islamic Texts Divulge about Early Muslim-Jewish Relations?

Watch Mohammed Ahmed's presentation here.

Tara Zammit: Taking the Institute Online: Podcasts, Teaching and Public Relations

Watch Tara Zammit's presentation here.