Faith in Mental Health

This is a blended research and public engagement project to study mental health provision for Muslim communities with a twin focus on:

1. The development of public educational materials on faith, interfaith and mental health;

2. The study of issues concerning mental health provision and Muslim communities in England and Wales.

Our research question is:

What works to establish and sustain engagement and collaboration between current mental health services, both public and voluntary, and Muslim communities in England and Wales?

The project has three phases:

1. A review of existing academic and non-academic literature on mental health and faith communities. This review will provide the means to compare mental health care experiences from Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities, and the potentially positive religious coping found within faith traditions.

2. A study of mental health provision for Muslim communities in England and Wales. The project will build on the literature review and a pilot study conducted in 2022. It will involve a series of interviews with mental health care providers and initiatives from Muslim and other faith communities. Key findings will be published as recommendations for public mental health care services in England and Wales and will address two vital aspects:

3. A programme of public education on faith and mental health targeting both faith communities (with a focus on Muslim communities) and mental health care practitioners and providers. Returning to the theme of community-driven knowledge, the programme will seek to highlight and amplify examples of effective collaborations between mainstream and community organisations in providing more religiously sensitive care for Muslims. Moreover, this project will provide the basis for much needed materials for the training of mental health professionals on helping individuals from faith backgrounds.



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